Call for Proposals

EMCA owns an extraordinary history of conceptual labors.  Its investigations have shown us ways of taking interest in ordinary worlds that simply had not been imagined in social science.  Centrally, it proposed a discipline of studies that actually had use for the world in the constitutive detail of its uncountable occasions.  Our colleagues and teachers, living and not, leveraged these possibilities.  All of which is on topic of how we might take up the Anniversaries that organize our Conference Theme.

We think the central phrase in our theme statement is the proposal to re-visit these extraordinary resources “for another first time.”  The phrase is Garfinkel’s, and was descriptive of the contingencies of the workplaces we study, and our own, for how we find our way “for another first time.”  He spoke of the “perspicuous case,” the setting and occasion, and the competence to its achievements, that would show us the ‘what more’ of our topics.  The achievements of Sacks and Schegloff were leveraged from such things, the perspicuity of telephone greetings, members’ measures and categories, and the possibilities of “possibles.”

It was understood that the world was more and other than could be imagined, and how in pursuing our inquiries again, we might find instruction and deepen our understanding, both of worldly affairs, and the work that came before us.  The project of EMCA would not be finished any time soon, and it is this promise of contingency and renewed study that we want to foreground in this call for papers.

We invite papers from the international community of EMCA scholars and graduate students that are empirical and conceptual, in settings that are professional and everyday, in talk–in–interaction and through second languages, across the countless tasks and achievements of instructed action in their technical and moral registers, that show us again what EMCA sighted from the outset as the achievements of “ordinary immortal society.”

We look forward to the program that you will make possible and to welcoming you to Columbus in July 2017.