Invited Panel: Anne Rawls

Monday, July 10 – 2:00pm

Working in the Garfinkel Archive

Harold Garfinkel assembled and left to us an Archive of some 600 boxes of materials, mainly texts, drafts and edited drafts, but also tapes, artifacts, and records of conversations and collaborations.  It is tempting to say this will show us the development of his thinking, but the work of working an archive is its own task.   The panel will discuss its labors.

Facilitator: Anne Rawls – Bentley University, University of Siegen

Jason Turowetz – University of Siegen

The problem of Jewish identity in the early development of Garfinkel’s “Trust” argument

Tristan Thielmann – University of Siegen

Towards a digital archive: Garfinkel’s concept of communicative net-work

Albert Meehan – Oakland University

Exploring Garfinkel and Bittner Connections in the Garfinkel Archive

Michael Lynch – Cornell University

Garfinkel, Sacks, and their collaboration on “Formal structures of practical action”