Invited Panel: Barry Brown & Eric Laurier

Tuesday, July 11 – 4:00pm

Ethnomethods of Mobile Machines in Road Traffic

Facilitators: Barry Brown & Eric Laurier 

The panel will look at how drivers make sense of and drive with systems that assist, augment and/or substitute for drivers. It will build upon existing EMCA studies of the local organisation of traffic, technology and mobility.


Barry Brown – University of Stockholm

Eric Laurier – University of Edinburgh

The normal natural troubles of autonomous cars

Self-driving cars raise interesting problems around establishing quite what the automated driver is up to, for both the driver of the car and other members of traffic cohorts. In this study we draw upon video recordings of self-driving cars in traffic to examine how their actions are made sense of.


Erik Vinkhuyzen – Nissan Research Center

 Supervising autonomous driving technology: Some initial observations

Autonomous vehicles require supervision by their drivers and in this paper will present data of supervisory practices from two settings. The first is with a self-driving vehicle and the second with a driving instructor, the comparison will under-line their significant differences.


Tristan Thielmann – University of Siegen

 Driving with the ETAK Navigator: An ethnomethodology of digital wayfinding

Drawing from a historical ethnography of ETAK Navigator users, this paper will describe the praxeologies of an early form of digitally assisted navigation. The analysis will detail the accountability of 4 schema: diagrammed origins, diagrammed passage events, diagrammed destinations, “on-screen-specific” displayed orientates of origins, events & destinations.